The presence of NLG legal observers has been an invaluable tool over the years as the fight for democratic rights and social justice continues to deepen. Maureen D. Taylor
MI Welfare Rights Organization
[...] there was about a dozen or so students that went to law school with the same purpose in mind, to be peoples lawyers, [...] Without these people, and the Guild that brought us all together, I would never have gotten through law school. I would never have gone to El Salvador, twice, to monitor elections, or to Ferguson, twice, to learn what the word "rebellion" really means. These folks become, not only my comrades, in the truest sense, but also my friends, and loved ones. We've helped each other through law school, and personal and emotional trials. Nicholas Klaus, Detroit NLG Board Member “The National Lawyers Guild is an integral part of the Detroit peace and justice community. I am so grateful for their presence at many of our Women in Black marches and for their counsel on the occasions when people are arrested or jailed for justice. The NLG really walks the walk by taking to the streets where rights and liberties are so often challenged by those who would squelch free speech and nonviolent protest. The folks in the green hats are my heroes! It has been a privilege to have them stand beside us as we struggle for a more just and peaceful world.” Kim Redigan
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