About the Civil Resistance Committee

We provide legal support and trainings to progressive groups organizing demonstrations or direct actions; we offer know your rights and civil disobedience trainings to law students, lawyers community groups and activists; we work to respond to police misconduct and protect the right to dissent.

Jail Support

The CRC also provides jail support after arrests, including locating arrestees, determining charges and bonds, and facilitating their earliest possible release. When release is delayed, we can also arrange for lawyer visits to advise arrestees of their rights before being questioned, determine if they have any immediate medical or other pressing needs, and facilitate communication between arrestees and their supporters.

Legal Observer Program

The primary role of the NLG Legal Observer program is to be the eyes and ears of the legal team. At the request of social justice and activist groups, Legal Observers attend public demonstrations trained to observe and record events to ensure that the civil rights of protesters are not violated by law enforcement. This program is part of a comprehensive system of legal support designed to enable people to express their political views as fully as possible without unconstitutional interference by the police. Legal Observers are typically, but not exclusively, law students, legal workers and lawyers.


Courthouse Support

In addition to Legal Observers, the NLG coordinates legal representation and often provides legal defense for protesters who are arrested. And, depending on the circumstances, the NLG will arrange for the filing of civil litigation with the help of NLG attorneys.

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