Press Release – National Lawyers Guild Opposes DPD Curfew Plan


CONTACT: John Royal, 313 962 3739

National Lawyers Guild Opposes DPD Curfew Plan

The National Lawyers Guild-Detroit & Michigan Chapter Board of Directors opposes the plan by the Detroit Police Department to issue a four-day curfew for Detroit youth under 17 during Detroit’s “River Days” and Fireworks celebrations. “There are glaring difficulties with this alleged public safety effort, related to the U.S. Constitution, race and economics,” said Attorney John Royal, NLG Detroit & Michigan President. 

Disparate impact, prior restraint, and equal protection under the 14th Amendment are among the constitutional issues being challenged. “The police department doesn’t take these kinds of drastic measures targeting an entire category of people during any other event. And while we fully support public safety, we believe that there are ways and methods to accomplish that without resorting to biased actions and policies.”

The Board will send a representative to speak on behalf of the organization at the Detroit City Council’s public hearing on the matter, to be held Wednesday, June 10th. 

The National Lawyers Guild, which for many years has represented youth interests as well as Detroit parents, joins the chorus of voices who have indicated their opposition to this plan, including the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, ACLU-Detroit, and Detroit City Council members Raquel Castaneda-Lopez and Andre Spivey.